Covid19 Updates April 2021

We will use this for gym updates and changes due to the Covid 19 Virus.

Re-opening 26th April 2021!

Some information about getting back to the box

As of 26th April we are able to re open for all of our athletes.  This includes those gearing up to get started with us also whether you’re already active or getting up off the couch…

We will continue to implement relevant COVID-19 safety measures and extend this responsibility (and thanks) to all athletes for helping us keep our training space and operations safe for everyone.

Our class and session schedule will be updated for the re opening and continue to develop as we get everything back to full steam ahead.  It’s still a developing situation as you will know with the government rules and safety surrounding COVID-19.

When live you will find the typical weekly schedule (subject to change) on our schedule page.  There’s not only the daily class list but also a weekly calendar to have a look at.

As you know, the world is being overwhelmed by the coronavirus, COVID-19.

While the hype is certainly real, the severity of this outbreak cannot be ignored.

Our #1 priority is your health. We are taking extra precautions at the gym to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

  • You must wash your hands upon entering and leaving the gym.

  • We are stocking up on extra wipes. Our culture is already very good about cleaning our equipment and we want to encourage you to continue to do so. If you want to be extra safe, wipe before as well.

  • We are adding to our routine cleaning schedule to include additional bathroom and main floor cleaning.

  • Our coaches will be helping make sure everything is wiped down, wiping down doors and other high traffic areas as well. Feel free to jump in and help them out!

If you are feeling unwell, or have any symptoms of illness, we advise you to stay home. The same goes for the kiddos.

Let’s continue to be diligent in our cleanliness not only for ourselves but for our entire gym family.

Check the NHS for the latest information.


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